Digg Dinged for Site Redesign

Have your say. It’s a notion that appeals to many on the Web eager to comment and promote what articles appeal to them or to give a thumbs down to those that don’t.

Digg has grown in popularity as more and more consumers gravitated to its easy method for sharing and rating articles. But as CIO Update reports, Digg has hit a number of bumps in the road including its latest redesign that has some users hopping mad. Meanwhile, competitors like Reddit are quickly taking advantage of Digg’s missteps.

Has Digg’s grave been dug? This is the burning question after the popular social bookmarking site took a scandal and a redesign flaw squarely on the chin. If the one-two punch didn’t deal a death blow, it certainly scored a TKO.

StatCounter, a free online visitor stats tool, reported Digg users deserted the site en masse on Monday, August 30 and fled to its competitor Reddit. Digg’s traffic to the StatCounter network of 3 million websites “plummeted on Monday to 7.6% as opposed to Reddit’s 92.4%.”

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Is Digg Done?

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