Do You Yahoo? Corvallis-based Nexcom Group Does!

Corvallis-based Nexcom Group, a one-month old web development firm, played a significant role in a 30 second e-animation spot that appeared for the first time last night on Yahoo!

NeXcom Group was in charge of the final production and editing of the flash movie that was created by Portland-based

In an exclusive interview, Nexcom Group CEO Mike Kingsella told that the promotion spot features a spoof of the popular TV shows “Survivor” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.

The story of Nexcom Group, can be the subject of a television show itself.

The company currently operates out of a dormitory at Oregon State University and is run by three college students. In fact, CTO Mike Grindstaff is only an incoming freshman, and teamed up with CEO Mike Kingsella and Creative Director Matt Shields while taking some courses during this Summer quarter.

According to Kingsella, although the core of Nexcom Group’s business is flash development, the company also offers database design and interactive marketing services.

Kingsella’s interest in interactive media began during his high school days. “One day I just picked up the phone book and called CyberSight, a Portland-based interactive agency,” says Kingsella.

That random phone call resulted in a two-year internship for Kingsella. “I was given the opportunity to take part in everything from brainstorming sessions to working on projects.”

Nexcom Group will soon be launching its company website. They’ve been so busy with the Yahoo! project that they had to place that endeavor on the backburner.

“We’ve been working non-stop for the past few days,” says Grindstaff. In fact, during a brief visit to Seattle last weekend Grindstaff and Kingsella turned the Westin Hotel into a working studio and at one point worked on the project from 9:00pm to 5:00am.

Shields is the guy responsible for making sure that the company achieves its goal of launching their website early next week. He’s currently working on it in his hometown of Santa Rosa.

According to Shields the company website probably will not have any flash animation on it.

“Sites should have on them things that serve the purpose,” says Shields. “As regard our website, it will talk about the services that we can offer and things we have done.”

Back on the flash front, the Nexcom Group team is currently completing the final production for two additional flash films for will keep you posted on which sites those show up.

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