Earjam.com Debuts Music Player

Earjam.com Friday introduced its Earjam IMP (Internet
Music Player), a player, burner and “Audiobot.”

Earjam.com’s IMP software can play MP3s, Windows Media files, audio CDs, plus
over a dozen additional formats, and transfer music to devices such as the
Diamond RIO and Creative Nomad, as well as burn CDs that play in any standard
CD player.

The Earjam IMP automatically handles all downloading, ripping,
unlocking and transcoding when the consumer selects the music they want and
sends it to the desired device.

Earjam’s patent-pending Audiobot technology searches the Web using
user-defined preference filters. Music links, including graphics, video and
descriptive text, are then delivered directly to the user’s desktop, to
preview, buy, download and burn.

The Earjam Audiobot secure communication
layer acts as a conduit between consumer’s preferences and Internet content,
protecting the consumer’s anonymity.

A preview version of the Earjam IMP will be available for free download from Earjam’s site beginning February 15, 2000.

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