Earnings Preview: How Will Microsoft Fare?

Microsoft will announce earnings on Thursday afternoon after the close of the stock market, and with PC sales doing very well, according to market research firms and hardware companies alike, it’s likely a given that Microsoft will also benefit. After all, every PC going out the door at Best Buy has a Microsoft operating system on it.

But there is more to Microsoft than just Windows 7, so there are questions as to how well the rest of the company is doing. Will that finally get Microsoft’s stock out of the doldrums? Datamation takes a look.

Microsoft is preparing to announce its year-end and fourth fiscal quarter financial results on Thursday, and once again Windows 7 is expected to help provide the software giant with record sales and earnings.

However, whether that will be enough to encourage investors to drive up Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) stock price, which has long languished, is another question altogether.

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Windows 7 Sales Likely to Drive Microsoft Earnings

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