“Ebays for Information” on the Rise

[Vancouver, CANADA] Internet “information exchanges” will generate transaction revenues of
US $6 billion annually by the year 2005, according to a new
Datamonitor study.

The research was commissioned by Demand Ventures, owner and operator of www.knexa.com, the online information auctioneer.

Over US $50 billion in online purchases are expected be transacted annually by 2005.

“The core concept is powerfully exciting,” said Datamonitor. “It reaches
beyond established notions and existing models of electronic communication.”

“It rests on the power of a truly distributed global network of users who,
taken together, have a virtually unlimited knowledge base.”

Knexa.com is well positioned to take advantage of the explosive growth projected, according
to David Brett, Knexa founder and Demand chief executive officer.

“We are aggressively moving to secure Knexa’s global brand presence in this exciting
e-commerce arena,” said Brett.

Pursuing a rapid globalization strategy, Knexa.com has formed key alliances
in Europe and is about to launch Knexa Australia.

Asia is another focus of Knexa’s business development strategy.

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