ebookers.com Allies with travelcamel.com

[June 2] European Internet travel company
announced Friday an alliance with online
travel goods retailer travelcamel.com.

As a result of the agreement, ebookers.com will receive
commission from travelcamel.com in return for purchases
of travelcamel.com products made on a special “microsite”
featured in ebookers’ Travelshop storefront.

Dinesh Dhamija, chief executive officer of ebookers.com,
claimed the ebookers brand was now firmly established
as “the brand of choice for Europe’s online travelers.”

“We are determined to use this brand awareness both to
increase income from additional travel-related revenue
streams and also to expand our customer reach yet further
through innovative online marketing partnerships such as
that with travelcamel.com,” said Dhamija.

Travelshop went live on the ebookers.com U.K. site in May
and contains several of ebookers.com’s travel-related
retail affiliates besides travelcamel.com. Visitors
can purchase ebookers.com’s own-brand insurance, buy
travel clothes from dressmart.com or book a ticket
on the Heathrow Express.

ebookers.com says it eventually hopes to roll out
the Travelshop storefront to its site in other
European countries, including Germany.

travelcamel.com’s co-founder John Curran explained
that his site was targeted at “travelers like me —
people who know from bitter experience that they
will never make it to the shops before they leave.”

travelcamel.com sells the type of goods that
people usually need when traveling abroad.

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