eMailbag: New Zealand, 1999 Stirring, Retail Now?

First reader up this week writes: “I am a complete novice in
Internet investment but I want to get to know the
field. Who can I talk to who could give me ongoing advice about stocks
with real potential and the directions the Internet is taking? Being New
Zealand-based means I need to get good information that I can rely on as I
am slightly out of the loop.”

Reply: You’ve done well so far by finding Internet Stock Report.
We are committed to bringing you the best, most strategic Internet
investment analysis. That standard has generated a readership that’s global
and includes literally all the top people (Bill Gates, John Doerr, Jerry
Yang, Ann Winblad, Esther Dyson, and more) in the Internet, technology,
venture capital, Wall Street arenas.

We encourage you to explore ISR’s
to get a sense of how the industry evolved and where it may be
headed. And look for the continued analysis as the ever-evolving Internet
rolls out. Also, please share with us your experiences in New Zealand from
time to time. On the Web, everyone’s “in the loop.”

Like It’s 1999

“I was wondering if you have a Top Ten Watch List for 1999? With
such a good record for 1998, I am interested in the stocks that you may
place on your 1999 List.”

Reply: Look for the list on December 31, 1998 right here in
Internet Stock Report. That’s the same day and month when we posted 1998’s
Top 10 To Watch, which is up more than 100% year to date and has been up
substantially higher–nearly 200%–in the Internet stock peaks we saw in

Beyond Eyeballs

article: The Art Of Extraction: Beyond Traffic, "Walletizing" The
is excellent and very sharp. Keep it up.”

Reply: We believe that until the Internet is as easy to use as a
TV, as dependable as electricity, as simple as paper, as versatile as
water, as compelling as movies, as much a part of everyday life as the
telephone, that it has a long way to go. And the great thing is, there are
companies addressing every single aspect of the above and more. What is the
Internet? The catchall for the next century’s great ideas made real.

Even More Beyond Eyeballs

“Come on Steve, this is getting really interesting…are you going to
tell us how users can be “walletized”? Don’t leave us hanging.”

Reply:“Walletizing” customers: step 1) create an online
experience where commerce flow occurs naturally as an integrated approach
rather than piecemeal offerings shot-gunned via banner ads on a Web page.
The user-interface and design has been ruthlessly ignored at the potential
buyer’s expense. Design for buyers not browsers.

Attention Web Shoppers

“Dear Steve, what do you think about the news that CDnow, Cyberian Outpost,
eToys and Announce Formation of Online Shopping Network scheduled
to launch in November? Would be interested in your opinion: is this
competition for Amazon?”

Reply: Revolutionary concept, band together and help battle the
bigger players. Amazon wants to be Wal Mart so any other one-product store
must find ways to scale to that challenge. Really, CDnow (NASDAQ:CDNW),
Cyberian (NASDAQ:COOL), eToys and could be viewed as “departments”
of a larger Web “store.”

In that case, look for them to add more to
round out the offering. They are creating a larger store. The trick will be
to make it a free-flowing environment from one to the other, bringing the
look, feel and ease of purchasing to the user. If that doesn’t happen, it
matters not.

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