Embargo May Also Cut Off Yugoslavian ISPs

Yugoslavian ISP Beonet is protesting
U.S. government plans to shut down its services by ordering New York-based satellite company Loral Orion to
comply with an embargo to the country.

According to a Freedom Forum Online report, the company is in discussions
with the U.S. Treasury Department over interpretation of the executive
command. The company is said to transmit for two of Yugoslavia’s major
local ISPs.

Beonet’s protest Web site
claims that their service is acting as “the most reliable way” for people
to contact relatives and friends abroad during the air strikes.

The site claims, according to unofficial reports, that more than 20,000 accounts
have been registered since the bombing began.

Writers on the site claim that they “don’t know how they are going to
survive” without the Internet acting as their sole connection with the outside world.

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