eNIC Takes Center Court in the Domain Game

With prices for registering domain names generally ranging from $30-40 a year, marinating a number of domain names can get expensive. eNIC Corporation, the worldwide registry for the Dot-cc Top Level Domain, yesterday announced a change that may prove valuable for those looking to buy domain names.

The Seattle-based company has begun offering dot-com, dot-net and dot-org domain names to individual buyers for US$8 each through a sister site, Getadomain.com.

“The registration of dot-com domains is complimentary to our core business,” says Brian Cartmell, Chaiman and CEO of eNIC. “Interestingly, not only have we created a new source of revenues with minimal investment, but we are taking advantage of interest in dot-com domains to enhance Dot-cc’s presence and market share. We will continue to aggressively add new products and services to our offering to Internet users.”

Seattle.internet.com has learned that the eight dollar price tag is possible due to the unique relationship eNIC has formed with BulkRegister.com, its exclusive provider of dot-com domain names.

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