Entercom Hits the Net Waves Via StreamAudio.com

Seattle.internet.com has learned that Tacoma’s StreamAudio.com has entered into an agreement to provide
webcasting, ad insertion and “now playing” needs for all 96 of Entercom’s radio stations.

StreamAudio.com will utilize the Window’s Media platform to create custom players, provide listening streams, and insert internet only advertising for the communications company.

According to Amy Van Hook, director of internet operations at Entercom, StreamAudio was a great match for their needs.

“They offer a lot of the pieces of the puzzle that Entercom is looking for. In particular, they’re a private label solution, they have customized players, and they have special functionality that we were interested in such as ad-insertion.”

Van Hook also notes that the price was right, with StreamAudio providing a free solution for the Company.

Stream Audio not only offers a free service in streaming the audio through their servers, but also provides a computer with an encoder to each partner station. In return, the stations allow StreamAudio to sell banner ad space on their “listen and surf” space, as well as the rich media audio/video while the stream is buffering.

The “listen and surf” interface used by StreamAudio shows the radio stations logo, along with information on the current song.

According to Van Hook the interface was important, as Entercom was interested in customized players without anyone else’s name and logo.

Officials at StreamAudio see continued growth for internet radio. “I think it’s going to be a monstrous alternative,” says Tom O’Connor, VP of sales and marketing.

“Radio stations are wonderfully positioned right now to take advantage of their legacy and call letters in the market, and forward thinking stations like those in the Entercom group can see the future and are stepping up now.”

A number of Seattle’s stations, including rock station KISW (99.9), Oldies Station KBSG (97.3), and KIRO News radio (AM700), are owned by Entercom and will begin using StreamAudio’s services as soon as today.

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