Ericsson Canada Moves on 3G

Ericsson Canada says the company has mandated that it develop broadband third generation (3G) products and it immediately jumped into action.

In separate announcements, the company said it will be working with other vendors to deliver video and audio to 3G wireless devices.

Specifically, it has agreed with Wysdom Inc. have test Wysdom’s Wireless Jukebox MP3 application using Ericsson’s 3G WCDMA technology. That application searches for MP3 files on the Internet, downloads and downloads them to MP3 devices.

The company also said it and Telexis would test and demonstrate video
transmission via wireless 3G technology. The testing and demonstrations for both audio and video will be performed at Ericsson’s Next Generation Systems Labs located in Montreal. Telexis specializes in providing networked video products.

The Canadian unit said its budget for 3G development has increased by $196 million over the next three years.

from allNetDevices

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