Ericsson Unveils Ad Serving Solution for Wireless

Wireless telecom firm Ericsson on
Monday introduced targeted ad serving technology for use on mobile devices,
which is slated for commercial release in the third quarter.

The technology is based on the company’s Internet Advertiser product, which
serves rich-media ads over the wired Internet.

“Adding the option of mobility to Internet Advertiser opens a whole new
range of possibilities for advertising campaigns,” says Harry Hakansson,
general manager of interactive communication for Ericsson.

“With mobility, advertisers can deliver information in a personal manner
when it is most relevant to subscribers, based on location and interest.
Advertisers can provide instant information updates that are useful to
subscribers so that advertising becomes a service rather than an intrusion.
They can customize advertising messages in a way that’s never been possible

In this initial version of the mobile ad serving technology, advertising
will be delivered through Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) or other
wireless IP networks. Eventually, says Ericsson, rich media like
full-motion video can be added.

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