The Motley Fool Targets the UK with Ad Blitz

Personal finance site The Motley Fool on
Monday kicked-off a high-volume seven-week campaign to boost its United Kingdom site, during which it
will spend $80,000 (£50,000) a week.

The company says it’s the biggest online ad spend ever done in the UK.

The campaign, aimed at driving traffic to the Motley Fool UK site, will run
heavily on five Web properties: Tesco
, Yahoo!, MSN, Excite and BT Internet. I-level has handled the placements, and, over
the last six months, has refined the media mix by testing the campaign on
37 different sites.

“The Motley Fool is one of the world’s most compelling brands and its
commitment to its online strategy is paying off,” says Ed Ling, i-level’s
media director. “Traffic to its site has increased dramatically since the
company’s launch in the UK last summer.”

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