FairAd, SurfBySurf Merge in Germany’s Money-per-Click Sector

Two German start-up companies, FairAd and SaveBySurf, this week joined forces to take on a new marketing sector.

The combined company will continue using the software
and brand name of FairAd and expects to see an increase in customers and profits
due to the increased market coverage.

The two firms previously operated independently of one another in creating a
new advertising and marketing variant.

Their idea is quite simple: in order to interest surfers in advertising, the
company pays money to the surfer for each advertising spot the user receives. To
ensure that the advertising banner is seen, the surfer must install a
special client software which updates the advertising banner and makes sure
it is constantly in view. The money which the surfer receives is simply a
fraction of the advertising revenue.

In order to personalize advertising to the particular consumer, he must
first respond to a comprehensive set of questions during the registration

Using this method, the company can not only guarantee a greater acceptance
of advertising by the consumer, but also a more exact placement of
advertising through the use of personal online profiles.

The entrepreneurs claim that renowned advertisers have already shown great
interest in the project. Critics, however, see no market in Germany for
advertising which has to pay the customer in order to gain exposure, and are
also concerned about the implication on consumer rights and data protection.

The necessary software is not available until January, however
potential customers can already register on the Web site.

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