FCC Officially Opens Up White-Space Spectrum

It looks like the long-running debate over unused white-space spectrum is drawing to a close, now that the FCC has approved rules for how the spectrum can be used.

Tech companies, public interest groups and entrepreneurs have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to tap the unused spectrum. But now the question is, what will the first round of new services look like?

The FCC has already granted experimental licenses for white-space networks and proof-of-concept experiments. Now, as Enterprise Networking Planet reports, the table is set for delivery of a wide range of new wireless broadband services and devices to access them.

The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously Thursday morning to approve the final rules for tapping into unused broadcast TV spectrum, known as white spaces, for new wireless broadband networks and devices.

The vote brings to a close a proceeding that the FCC formally initiated in November 2008. Supporters say that the spectrum has the potential to bring broadband service to rural and remote regions outside of current providers’ coverage areas, while also unleashing a flood of new wireless devices.

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FCC Clears the Path for White-Space Networks

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