Gaming the Arrival Date of Windows Phone 7

It’s become a popular parlor game among tech industry watchers. When, exactly, will Microsoft release Windows Phone 7?

A handful of gadget blogs have pegged the data as Oct. 11. Meantime, an industry insider cites a “very reliable source” who believes it will be Nov. 8. Microsoft, for its part, is keeping the actual date close to the vest, so the Windows Phone 7 guessing game continues. Code Guru surveys the guessing game.

The office pools must be overflowing, as several pundits claim to have found out what day Microsoft will launch its make-or-break Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

The problem is that the pundits all seem to have an inside line with different sources connected to Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), because the rumored dates are proliferating.

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When Will Windows Phone 7 Arrive?

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