Rubinius Looks to Rev Ruby With 1.1 Release

The leaders of the Rubinius implementation are out with the latest version of their alternative to the so-called Matz Ruby Implementation, or MRI. Rubinius 1.1 boasts performance and memory improvements, though it is still tracking the 1.8.7 version of Ruby, with plans to support the current 1.9.2 version in the next release.

Even if it’s a step behind Ruby, Rubinius 1.1 is tracking the latest iteration of Ruby on Rails, with developers testing compatibilities with the forthcoming Rails 3.1 code. DevX takes a look.

Ruby developers have multiple choices when it comes to which implementation of the language they want to run. One of those implementations, Rubinius, has now issued its version 1.1 update, promising performance gains and memory improvements.

Rubinius is an alternative implementation to the “Matz Ruby Implementation,” or MRI, which is named after Ruby’s creator and chief designer, Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto. Evan Phoenix, the lead Rubinius developer, sees a number of differences between Rubinius and MRI that developers might want to consider.

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Rubinius 1.1 Speeds Up Ruby

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