Get Help Getting Around for the Holidays

While won’t do things such as keep a blizzard from pounding
North Dakota into submission, it has added a weather planning tool to help with every step of organizing a jaunt. That way travelers can avoid North Dakota if such a storm flares up.

Users may go to the site and choose a location and time of year to travel,
or even time their arrival at an airport to sneak around potential delays.

For impending flights, Intellicast has posted an airport weather delays map
on which users may point and click on major airports in the U.S. to check
any tardiness due to nature’s course. This is good within two days time.

Other helpful features include synopses of weather patterns and extremes by
region and season, as well as rain highs and lows in a certain area at a
certain time of year.

Not to leave international travelers out in the cold, Intellicast has also
revamped its international coverage. It now spots weather updates for 277
cities worldwide.

“Our new travel content will enable our users to obtain relevant weather
information wherever, whenever and however they are traveling — whether
it’s by land or air, tomorrow or six months away,” said Ken Kaulbach,
general manager of

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