New Site Levels Playing Field for Big, Small Business

[Vancouver, CANADA] Describing itself as the Internet’s first true
do-it-yourself public relations company, has begun selling
PR tools and advice for a fraction of the cost of a consultant’s
hourly rate. is the first major department of,
which is also newly-launched.

“The PR industry won’t be happy we’ve taken away the mystery that
into expensive service fees for consultants,” said Wayne Hartrick,
chief executive officer of

“We’re selling paint-by-numbers public relations that more than meets
the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses that can’t pay big
bucks to PR firms.”

While a senior PR consultant can charge up to a whopping Cdn $250
(US $375) per hour, the new services introductory subscription is
about Cdn $8 (US $12) a month. That modest price tag makes powerful PR
tools available to smaller businesses for less than the cost of s
single newspaper ad.

Subscribers receive access to more than 50 practical, step-by-step
templates, guides, and training courses assisting them to:

  • Generate headline-grabbing news releases
  • Avoid being misquoted in the media
  • Create a crisis communications plan
  • Talk to the online media
  • Publicize special events already has access to a market of more than six
million small-and medium-sized businesses through signed agreements
with business affinity programs, most of which are exclusive. For
example, a recent agreement with Business Savings Club includes in MasterCard’s Business Savings Program.

“The US PR industry recorded $3 billion in fees in 1999 and is
growing at 30% a year,” said Hartrick, who founded the company after
15 years in senior public relations counseling with clients Canada,
U.S.A., Europe, and Asia.

“That is translating into a shortage of PR practitioners and soaring
rates at a time when business is beginning to recognize that
reputation is as important as physical assets.” and intend to meet the needs of the
massive market of small- and medium-sized businesses presently not
serviced by the traditional PR industry.

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