Google Resellers Target Chinese SMBs

Like many of its competitors, Google’s compass seems to be pointed directly at Asia these days.

The search giant has signed three Chinese companies to its new reseller program, which will have them provide sales and support for Google AdWords ads. China Enterprise, China Source and Hotsales will provide support to small- and medium-sized businesses in China.

The move gives the Chinese SMBs a shot at national and potentially global exposure from Google AdWords.

Sukhinder Singh, vice president of Asia-Pacific operations for Google, said the program will provide more customers in China with a trusted way to access Google AdWords.

The benefit of Google AdWords to businesses is that it delivers targeted ads to Web users seeking information about a particular product or service. Advertisers only pay when an ad is clicked on and they enjoy a broad distribution network. They can also choose the level of support and spending appropriate for their business, Google said.

China has been the center of attention in the search realm in recent weeks. , considered by some the “Google of China,” soared 354 percent in its Wall Street debut last week (although it has fallen back some since).

And stock shares aren’t the only thing in demand. So is talent. Last month, Microsoft sued Google, claiming it poached Microsoft executive Kai-Fu Lee from Redmond’s grasp. Google hired Lee to head a new R&D facility in China.

Since then, the companies have been trading legal jabs, with Microsoft winning a temporary restraining order to which Google responded with a suit of its own claiming Microsoft’s non-compete clause in its contracts won’t stand up in California court.

Finally, Yahoo today announced it will pay $1 billion cash for a 40 percent stake in the Hangzhou, China-based Alibaba.

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