Handspring Jumps for Cyberplex’s E-Commerce Services

, a North American Internet professional services companies, has
been selected as Internet partner of record for Handspring Inc., an innovator of
handheld computers based out of Mountain View, California.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cyberplex will continue development of
Handspring’s third generation online e-commerce site with increased functionality,
enhanced order-flow process and improved consumer usability.

Dean Hopkins, president and chief executive officer of Cyberplex said,
“Handspring is a strategic relationship for CX as we expand further into
the US and into critical markets like Silicon Valley. CX has always
been a thought leader and with progressive clients such as Handspring,
we will continue to be at the forefront of the Internet professional
services space.”

Handspring will also use the services of Cyberplex’s Integrated
Communications Practice (ICP) for the Company’s marketing initiatives.
ICP will develop a results oriented interactive marketing
strategy focused on online marketing, on-site marketing and integrated
off-line marketing. Cyberplex will be responsible for the overall
interface and usability of the application and will provide ongoing
technical and operational support.

“Cyberplex has been an important partner to Handspring and has provided
the technological expertise we needed to rapidly scale our e-commerce
systems,” said Ed Colligan, senior vice president of marketing and sales
for Handspring.

Cyberplex has re-architected the site’s infrastructure to allow it to
support increased load and performance tuning key processes. It
developed a series of Web-based processes to support the back office
order management between Handspring partners, including order flow,
transaction management, logistics and customer care.

Headquartered in Toronto, Cyberplex has offices in Austin, Boston,
Charlotte, San Diego, San Francisco, Halifax and Waterloo.

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