Hawaiin Telco Provides Sat Links For Asia

USAsia Telecom LLC (USAT), a small Honolulu-based telecom and international satellite Internet services provider
(SISP), is offering high speed satellite Internet services, branded as SkyTiger.net, to businesses throughout

“SkyTiger.net converges the high speed, high quality, of undersea fiber
optic cables that cost-effectively link Hawaii to the US mainland with the
wide area coverage of Asia provided by a high powered Japanese
communication satellite,” said USAsia’s president and CEO Stuart Browne,
“This allows us to provide our ISP customers with bargain rates and high
quality connections unavailable through their current providers.”

USAT leases a DS-3 from UUNET and a space
segment from JSAT.

Eighty percent of Asias Internet traffic is destined for US Internet Web
sites, so cost-effective, high-speed direct routes to the US are in great
demand. Many of the large Asian ISP’s want US providers to pay more of the
connection costs.

According to USAT, the company is now uplinking high speed SkyTiger.net IP
data services to nearly any point in 21 Asian countries.

“We are currently operating links to Pakistan, India, China, Bangladesh and
Vietnam,” added Browne. “We offer substantial savings over the competition
and customization that you will never find with the big corporate carriers.”

Where permitted, USAT is deploying 2-way asymmetric very small aperture
terminals (VSAT) called Satellite Network Access Points or SNAPs.

“SNAPs enable an ISP to rapidly deploy dial-up POPs across their market
without having to develop significant infrastructure” said Browne.

The SNAP sends all of the customers IP packets to USAT’s network service
point in Honolulu thats linked directly to the UUNET fiber backbone.

“Regarding cost sharing to Asia ISP’s, this is indeed what we offer by
providing a shred outbound link that creates an economy of scale,” said

USAT is also offering caching and USENET group service feeds to ISPs in
the region.

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