Heineken Brand Snares Unusual Online Advertising Space

Just when you thought all the hot advertising spaces were being sold, Planet Internet, a Dutch portal, on
Friday booked a campaign for Murphy‘s
beer on its 404 Error pages.

When visitors to the Planet Internet site get a 404 Error, after typing in
a wrong address or clicking on a dead-end link, they’ll go to a page with a
big red advertisement for Murphy’s Irish beer. It promises them a free beer
and a chance to win a trip to Ireland if they click.

The ad is part of the “Murphy’s Law” campaign for Murphy Irish Red in the
Netherlands. The campaign’s tagline is, “Murphy’s Irish Red — it’s not as
tough as you think.”

The campaign runs through the end of May. Murphy’s is one of the three
corporate brands from Dutch brewer Heineken NV.

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