Homeland Security Unveils New Site

A week after sending Americans scurrying to stores for bottled water and duct tape following a heightened security alert, the new Homeland Security Department (HSD) has unveiled a Web site, Ready.gov, as part of HSD’s national publicity campaign for terrorism preparedness.

The new site contains information about biological, chemical and radiation threats and explosions and nuclear blasts. It also has instructions for preparing emergency supply kits.

In addition, the site has information about creating a family plan, deciding whether to stay or go in the case of a terrorist attack and what do in an attack whether at work or school, in a moving vehicle or in a high-rise building. Links are provided to the Citizens Corp, the American Red Cross and state agencies.

HSD plans to use the site as part of a campaign to be known as “Arm Yourself with Information.” The national campaign will utilize the Web, cable channels, yellow pages and the Postal Service to get HSD’s message out to Americans.

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