Hong Kong Agency Builds Competitive Ad Network

With its growing Internet advertising network of Chinese language Web sites, Hong Kong’s Space Asia Media is challenging foreign ad management agencies like 24/7 Media and Real Media in the Chinese market.

Space has signed up many of China’s pioneering Web sites including Chinanews, the Homeway Financial Network, Computertoday, PC Home, Yes magazine and search engines Goyoyo and ChinaBig.

The online version of the popular Hong Kong paper, Apple Daily is also available to advertisers through Space with specially arranged delivery and tracking services.

Most of Space Asia’s advertising clients are American companies targeting the Asian market, but the interactive media company has recently begun developing a local and regional client base of advertisers.

Matt Harty, Director of Space Asia, attributes the agency’s success to its marketing savvy and its strategic partnership with Hong Kong ad server system developer, DataLive Ltd.

Space utilizes DataLive’s ad management engine, BannerLive, which facilitates banner uploading, scheduling, targeting, and reporting.

In Asia, the Internet advertising market is still developing with many advertisers unsure of how to maximize their ad dollars online.

“We bring order to the chaos,” said Harty. “We offer a single contact point for sourcing and for booking. In addition to the network, we also have a database with over a thousand commercial sites in the region.”

“At the drop of a hat, based on demographics and geographical location we can put together a media buy. If you want something outside that, we can put something together absolutely custom made.”

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