ICANN Releases Guidelines For Domain Registrars

The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names
and Numbers
has released preliminary guidelines to
open up the domain registration process currently administered by
government-sanctioned Network Solutions
to other competitors.

ICANN is the non-profit group begun by the late Jon Postel and is the successor to the Internet
Assigned Numbers Authority. Membership is comprised of leading international
Internet authorities, including Esther Dyson, ICANN’s interim chairman and
Michael Roberts, interim president and chief executive officer.

Registrar qualifications include:

    Registrar must demonstrate basic capabilities to perform its obligations

    Registrar has not been disqualified for past violations of ICANN standards

    Registrars must abide by Code of Conduct for DNS Registrars

    Provide procedures that allow applicant’s customers to change registrars
    without interruption of domain name

    Maintain necessary working capital

    Hold an existing second or third-level domain

Additional requirements under consideration include a commercial
general liability insurance coverage of $500,000 in U.S. currency. That amount may vary depending on the registrar’s location.

The 30-page draft seeks public commentary on the proposed guidelines before
the March 4 ICANN board meeting slated to take place in Singapore. The
group said it will consider and respond to public input at its public forum
on March 3, also in Singapore.

On March 8, if the accreditation program is approved, the group will post
the results on its Web site, and following that, will begin accepting
applications for accreditation during a testing period.

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