IDC: Mobile Shoppers Set for Record Spree

It’s the holiday season and everyone with an iPhone, BlackBerry or Droid smartphone will be pounding their keys in record numbers to get the best holiday deals.

As eCommerce Guide reports, this expected surge in mobile shopping will give consumers more power to make educated buying decisions and give retailers more opportunities to advertise their wares.

“MSM-commerce introduces a new consumer shopping model which changes how consumers shop, not simply when and where they shop, as e-commerce has already enabled,” Greg Girard, program director of IDC Retail Insight’s retail merchandise strategy group, said in the report.

According to market researcher eMarketer, online holiday shopping will surge to more than $38 billion this holiday season, up nearly 15 percent from last year. And more and more of that revenue will be generated from iPhones, BlackBerrys and Droids than ever before.

Smartphones are changing the way consumers and retailers interact, giving both parties greater flexibility and options during the online holiday shopping season.

According to a new report released this week from IT market researcher IDC, 28 percent of the expected $127 billion that will be spent online this holiday season will be facilitated by smartphones and mobile devices like Apple’s iPad.

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Smartphone Shopper Ready for Holiday Blitz

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