IEClean32 Makes Internet Explorer “Safer To Use”

Privacy Software Corporation announced
the latest release of IEClean, saying that it makes Microsoft’s Internet
Explorer browser
“safer to use.”

IEClean32 v4.01 allows people to control personal privacy on the Internet
and to recover much of the hard disk space conventionally taken up by the

“IEClean32 allows users to selectively remove a number of items on their
machines which track their movements on the Internet. It permits selective
editing of ‘cookies’ and the ability to decide which they wish to retain
while removing the rest,” said the vendor in a statement.

In addition, IEClean32 gives users control over caches, plus the ability to
cleanup after using email or visiting usenet newsgroups, cleaning the user
history databases and the “visited sites” display.

It also helps users look after easily overlooked records such as temporary
files, recently viewed documents and other data collected by the browser of
their activities. Other issues addressed by the product are “hit logging,”
“Active Channels,” and the risk of forged ActiveX controls–about which
there are further details on the vendor’s site.

IEClean works with Internet Explorer 4.0 and earlier versions of IE for
Windows 95 and NT.

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