Image Online Design Speaks Out on ICANN Proposal

Image Online Design Inc. Tuesday urged
“cautious optimism” at the recent report presented to the
Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers at a meeting in
Cairo, Egypt.

Focused on the new top-level domains, ICANN’s Working Group
recommended the organization create six to 10 new top-level
domains (TLDs) as a test of competition for Network Solutions’ (NSOL) domain registry.

Image Online Design first proposed creating its .web registry in 1995, and
in 1996 the Internet Assigned Numbering Authority (IANA) gave the go-ahead to develop the
registry as a “proof-of-concept,” before it would be available to the
general populace of the Internet. The group has been providing domain name
services for .Web for a segment of the Internet Community since that time.

At the recent ICANN meeting, ICAAN committed to progressing on the issue of
the new TLDs at their next meeting, which is scheduled to be held this July
in Japan. Image Online Design plans to be of assistance in the process
throughout the process. They are moving on in the hopes that ICAAN’s
initial timetable of adding the new registries by the end of the year can
be met.

The .Web Internet Domain Registry will
eventually be located at http://nic.web once the .Web TLD is available to
the Internet. Registrations are being taken for .Web domains now, although
they are not directly accessible yet.

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