InfoLibria Moves Into Europe

] Network cache technology specialist InfoLibria, of
Waltham, Massachusetts, has opened an office in Marlborough,
Wiltshire, from which it will launch its first European products in January

The company says that the network caching opportunities in
Europe are “massive.”

InfoLibria’s DynaCache system is a fully transparent, high performance,
carrier class, caching solution designed to decrease bandwidth consumption
by up to 60 per cent. It serves Web pages and objects up to five times
the rate that can be delivered by non-cached systems.

“The Web has become congested to the point of frustration for many users, a victim of
its own success,” said David Griffiths, European managing director. “With the rapid growth of
e-commerce, the medium needs a concert of solutions which will solve the ‘World Wide Wait.’
InfoLibria holds one of the major keys to break this deadlock.”

Unlike other caching systems, DynaCache is intended to provide a hit-to-hit
indication of traffic to the content provider–a vital feature, as many Web
sites derive their only revenue from advertising based on their site traffic.

Other DynaCache features include easy scaling by the addition of fast
cache disks, plug-and-play installation and a “freshness mechanism” that
ensures that users always receive up-to-date content.

InfoLibria’s UK office address is: PO Box 44, Marlborough, Wiltshire,
SN8 1YG.

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