Intel, WebTrends Form Alliance

Visitors to Intel’s e-business data
can now purchase analytic software from WebTrends Corp.

The alliance, which was made official Wednesday, caters to the exploding
number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), according to Dan Wolff, product
line manager, e-business management, WebTrends.

“Service provision and hosting is a huge, and still-growing, business,”
he said. “By 2002, 25 percent of all small businesses will turn to ISPs. As
part of our relationship with Intel, ISPs will be able to quickly access and
offer WebTrends reports to their customers, gaining a higher return on their
Intel NetStructure Appliance investment.”

Bill Schneider, public relations manager, at WebTrends, cited a report by
Giga Information Group predicting 60 percent of large businesses will be hosted by
the end of 2002.

“To service this growing market, ISPs increasingly offer value-added
reporting solutions to their customers, allowing them to identify and focus
on the key metrics that determine the health of their eBusinesses,” he said.

“IT and marketing managers at client companies can act upon those
insights to optimize Web site performance, bandwidth and security and offer
personalized site and e-marketing campaign content, ensuring a more positive
Web visitor experience,” he said.

Products available through the Intel virtual store include the WebTrends
Enterprise Suite Plus Product Subscription, which allows users to update to
any newer versions of the same software product; the Enterprise Suite Server
Add On, which automatically consolidates data across multiple servers; and a
Log Analyzer, which reports on traffic from Intel Netstructure appliances.

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