Internet Scorecard Tells Grim Story

Last Friday we looked at the recent average performance of the 12
Internet sectors tracked by’s Internet Stock Report,
concluding that the market appears close to finding a bottom.

Today we’ll look at the report cards for the best- and worst-performing
Internet stocks since the beginning of the year.

First, some big-picture numbers. Heres a rough breakdown of how the 302
Internet companies we track have fared since Jan. 3:

Gained 50% or more 8 companies
Gained 20%-50% 16
Gained up to 20% 10
Lost up to 20% 30
Lost 20%-50% 93
Lost 50% or more 145

The above numbers tell a grim story: Only 11% of Internet stocks trading all
year were up through April, while nearly half have lost more than 50% of
their value.

Worse, 10 Net stocks have dropped more than 80% so far this year. Those are
listed at the bottom of this column. First, though, lets look at the top
gainers through the first four months of 2000.

GENI 180%
JNPR Juniper Networks 88%
TIBX Tibco Software 75%
CHKP Check Point Software 75%
INKT Inktomi 74%
IDTC IDT Corp. 68%
CAVN Cavion Technologies 62%
WGRD WatchGuard Technologies 60%
TERN Terayon Communications 48%
PRFT Perficient 45%

The top gainers lean heavily toward network performance companies and
security vendors. What you dont see are e-commerce software companies,
among the hottest bets last year.

Now lets look at the investor nightmares: Companies that are returning less
than 20 cents on the dollar so far this year:

INSW InsWeb -88%
TCTY Talk City -87%
INSO Inso -86%
NCNT Netcentives -84%
SQST -84%
LOIS -82%
BLSW Bluestone Software -82%
LUMT Luminant Worldwide -81%
FSHP -80%
ESTM E-Stamp -80%

Not surprisingly, the list of big losers contains a number of companies from
troubled sectors, including content and e-tailers. You can count on many
companies in the above lost disappearing before the end of the year.

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