InterVU, Macromedia in Co-Marketing Deal

InterVU Inc. entered into a co-marketing agreement with Macromedia Inc. today, and announced plans to support and deliver media content developed with Macromedia’s suite of authoring tools.

Under the co-marketing alliance, InterVU will have the right to use some Macromedia trademarks in relation to the company’s use of software authoring and playback tools, including Macromedia Director, Shockwave, Flash, Fireworks and Macromedia Java Applets.

The companies also said they plan to collaborate on the development of InterVU software that creates, manages, distributes end user data reporting for Macromedia advertisements.

In addition, InterVU said it will deliver Shockwave, Flash, and streaming
Java-based media applets that include online ads off the proprietary InterVU Network.

“InterVU has built a solid network infrastructure to enable effective and reliable rich media delivery on the Internet, and Macromedia has developed a comprehensive set of high performance web publishing tools for creating and viewing multimedia on the ‘net,” said Don Marzetta, Director of Marketing, Macromedia.

“Working together is a natural step as both companies move forward with our
efforts concerning multimedia and streaming media on the Web, and we
believe that combining our strengths is a winning proposition.”

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