INTERVU To Receive Patents for Audio, Video Delivery

Streaming media company INTERVU Inc. said Tuesday it expects to
receive two patents for its technology that streams audio and video over
the Internet.

The company has been issued notices of allowance for two patent
applications, typically the last step before an patent is issued. INTERVU’s
first patent application is for its method of storing, organizing and
managing large amounts of audio and video for delivery across the Internet.
The patent also covers INTERVU’s method of distributed delivery, which
channels the content through various data centers to minimize network

The second patent covers INTERVU’s delivery client software, which delivers
the audio and video from the company’s network to an individual’s personal

INTERVU’s network is comprised of a variety of data centers that are
positioned near Internet backbones and are designed to optimize online
video and audio delivery. Users receive the audio and video content through
the Internet from the delivery center that is closest to them.

INTERVU contracts with a variety of customers wanting either audio and
video broadcast over the Internet. Its technology also automates the
distribution of live Internet broadcasts. INTERVU also offers multimedia
advertising banners.

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