IPO’s Next Week: Possible Stars in a Light Calendar

So far, there are only seven IPOs planned for next week. This is small
pickens compared to the past month in which the IPO calendar has been

However, next weeks IPOs look very strong. Take Avenue A, a company
is on road to IPO success. No doubt, online advertising has been
hit-or-miss with many companies. But with the high-end consulting of
Avenue A, companies can now launch more effective campaigns. In the third
quarter, the company had revenues of $20.3 million. Customers include Gateway Inc. (GTW), Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), uBid (UBID) and Uproar.

The lead underwriter is Morgan Stanley and the proposed ticker symbol is AVEA. The price range is $8-$10.

Another Morgan Stanley deal is Carrier1 International. The company,
in Europe, is a provider of Net and telecom services. But the company
not sell to consumers; rather, it targets other telecom service
Started in September 1998 with a crack management team, Carrier1 is
fast. In the latest quarter, the company racked-up $27.3 million in

The proposed ticker symbol is CONE and the price range is $15-$17.

Of course, Goldman Sachs also has some offerings. One is called Nextel
Partners. Like Carrier1, Nextel is a young company. However, it is
backed by
the tremendous Nextel brand. Nextel Partners also has use of the
cutting-edge Nextel network.

Nextel partners provides broadband wireless services to small and medium-sized markets in the US. In all, the company has coverage of 40 million persons.

The other Goldman deal is NIKU. The company is a sophisticated provider
consulting services of course, with an emphasis on Net integration.
Customers include Computer Associates, EMC and Xerox.
The proposed ticker symbol is NXTP and the price range is $16-$18.

The proposed ticker symbol is NIKU and the price range is $10-$12.

Finally, DigitalThink looks interesting. The company is a leader in
learning. Training employees is becoming a major burden for
but DigitalThink provides cost-effective solutions. In all,
has more than 180 customers who deploy more than 160 online courses.

The lead underwriter is CS First Boston and the proposed ticker symbol
DTHK. The price range is $10-$12.

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