Ireland’s Esat in ATM Deal With Cisco

Dublin, Ireland-based Esat
announced an agreement with Cisco Systems under which it will use
Cisco’s Asynchronous Transfer Mode
(ATM) multi-service broadband switches for its national backbone
fiber optic network.

Billing the new contract as the largest of its kind in Ireland, Esat
Telecom said it will employ Cisco ATM technology to provide customers with
higher bandwidth services across wide area networks for high-speed delivery
of voice, data, Internet, and video applications.

Esat said two ATM switches will be operational by the end of June to
deliver international connectivity to Dublin-based companies, while six
other switches are scheduled to be installed during the summer for
September operation.

Esat, formerly known as EUnet Ireland, also announced it plans to invest
approximately 88 million Irish pounds (approximately US$124 million) in
developing its local, national and international fiber optic network this

“This strategic contract will allow us to handle voice, data and Internet
traffic at far greater speeds than any existing telecoms operator in
Ireland and ultimately this translates into real cost savings for our
customers,” said Esat Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Sean Corkery.

“Our broadband service portfolio will enable customers to migrate from
existing technologies to enjoy the benefits of ATM in a seamless and cost
effective manner.”

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