ISDEX Finds Upside While Dow, NASDAQ Drop Slightly

Investors who enjoyed a long weekend apparently couldn’t wait to get back to the pits, trading that is, as Internet stocks enjoy an early rally and end the day up. NASDAQ and the Dow drop after early signs of upswing as well. The current ISDEX value is 571.02 with a change of+6.07(+1.07%).

  • Axent (NASDAQ:AXNT) pops 19% to $13.50 per share on a Novell-approved certification for directory services. Novell software has more than 50 million users in many large corporations. Its directory services on networks is considered to be among the best. Axent’s intruder alert product similarly has received good reviews.
  • ONSALE (NASDAQ:ONSL) is hit by profit taking after Friday’s run on rumors that Amazon could acquire. ONSL down 13% to $22 on heavy volume. still, ONSALE generates more revenue per employee than many Web etailers, a little known fact.
  • TicketMaster-CitySearch (NASDAQ:TMCS) partners with SciFi channel for auctions, causing the local city guide’s shares to rise 13% to $32 7/8. TMCS was one I added to my HotWatch for July. So far so good.

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