ISP Launches UK Site for Discounted Car Purchases

Totalise, a leading UK
ISP, has launched a Web site where consumers can make
savings by purchasing new cars from Europe rather than the UK.

Up to 40 per
can be saved against current UK prices, says the ISP.

Totalise CarSave enables users to order popular models in right-hand drive
use in the UK, and provides online quotes which show the savings that can be
made. The site became operational in mid-October and began taking orders

“We have the amazing situation in the UK where a car, produced in
can cost over 40 per cent less on the Continent,” said Peter Gregory, CEO of

“The UK consumer should be paying a lot less than they are doing now. With
CarSave, we have developed an easy to use web site where a consumer can find
cost savings on cars in Europe — exactly the same model that is available
in this country — and save thousands of pounds.”

Totalise quotes an example of the savings that can be obtained. A 3-door
For Puma 1.7i with air conditioning costs £15,900 ($25,440) from
a UK dealer, but just £12,717 ($20,347) if imported via Totalise.
The saving is £3,183 (just over $5,000).

Extensive newspaper coverage has been given to the overpriced cars topic
in recent weeks, paving the way for just such a service as Totalise CarSave.
The ISP emphasises that the cars on offer are exactly the same models as
offered in the UK. Each one will come with a manufacturer’s warranty for
one year, and will be transported straight to the customer’s door.

“We’ve even pre-ordered our first batch of Ford cars and these are available
immediately for our customers to purchase,” said Peter Gregory.

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