ISP LibertySurf Counts Subscribers, Invests in X-Stream

Free ISP LibertySurf’s most recent head count listed 610,000 subscribers,
the company said, making it a serious competitor to regional portal favorite

LibertySurf CEO Pierre Besnainou announced that LibertySurf had enlisted
608,990 opened accounts with 813,855 opened mailboxes. However, only 338,000
subscribers are shown to have
used their account in the past 40 days.

As for the audience, the ISP
announced 40 million pages were read and that approximately 4,000 new users
registered each day of the last month.

LibertySurf also announced that it will take a major stake in the capital
of X-Stream, the third largest free British ISP, which boasts half a million
opened accounts. X-Stream also operates in Germany, and is planning to
launch in Spain, Italy and Belgium.

LibertySurf also confirms its intention of selling off at least 20 percent
of its
capital and enter a regulated French stock market, and is relying on
Deutsche Bank for the project.

Fourty-five percent of LibertySurf is owned by [email protected], which belongs to
the Arnault Group,
and by Kingfisher, which also has an major stake in the capital of X-Stream.

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