Italian Fashion Site Boasts 150,000 Web Customers

In an effort to enhance its online sales, Italian fashion
house Diesel has gone one-on-one with its Internet customers by launching
the Diesel Club.

Already exceeding 150,000 members, the club provides exclusive, sneak previews of upcoming collections, an advanced look at advertisements, and an e-mail newsletter of Diesel

“Perhaps the best feature of our Web site. . . is that we have always taken the interactive aspect of the Web seriously” said Bob Shevlin, director of new media. “We personally respond to all questions received via the Web–and we even give site visitors the possibility to ask questions directly to Diesel clothing

Diesel has long been recognized for its enormous range of distinctive
clothing products–from what is arguably the world’s broadest selection of
jeans to an ever-evolving range of bold, fashion forward men’s, women’s,
and children’s casuals. Complementing Diesel’s innovative design touch has
been a radical approach to communications and promotions, gaining the
company notoriety far beyond standard fashion circles.

“Diesel puts a high emphasis on production values of its Web site,” said
Shevlin. “We have a virtual department and Web graphics team dedicated full-time to publishing
on the Internet–and they are charged with the task of creating new
materials to go online each week.”

And create they do. Spread over hundreds of pages, the Diesel site not
only offers fashions, but interactive, futuristic games like G-Police 1 and
2, and high-tech video artwork from 55DSL Extreme Sports–a top secret
video game project.

Additionally, one can browse the global retail store
listings, enter the live chat rooms, view historical print advertising,
download Diesel television commercials, and explore the site’s Guide to
Successful Living material (such as an on-line phrase book for travelers
and an interactive self-defense instruction manual).

Shevlin points out, however, that it is the online store that draws most
Diesel Club members.

“One of our biggest focuses is expanding our virtual
stores to cover the world–and in using our Web site to disseminate
information to our customers more effectively. For example, we’ve recently
reduced our print production of fashion catalogs from 1 million copies per
season to less than 1/2 that because we are using the Web to present our
new collections.”

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