ItUpside Teams Up With Rose City Digital has learned that Portland-based ITupside is partnering with the Paul Allen owned digital media entity Portland-based Rose City Digital to launch regionally-focused talent matching websites. The Partnership will focus on establishing talent search environments within local radio stations’ branded websites.

Mason Diegel, ITupside’s President and founder, observed the negative affect that talent shortages can cause as CIO of Mitsubishi Silicon. “Finding talent is becoming a consuming activity for managers at all levels in all businesses. ITupside was established to apply XML-based technology and a unique business approach to the matching of employment demand and available talent,” says Diegel.

Diegel is in Seattle today to participate in the breakfast forum on the internet job market – that is taking place at the Seattle Sheraton.

As part of the partnership, Rose City Digital will combine their radio market expertise and strength with ITupside’s XML-based technology JobNexus ( to help employers find the talent they need to be successful. The partnership will be implemented at first with Portland’s radio station KXL, followed by 20 target markets chosen by Rose City Digital and ITupside.

According to ItUpside Vice President Bob Mahoney, Seattle will be one of the upcoming markets were they will be launching a co-branded website with a radio station. Other upcoming markets include San Francisco
and Los Angeles.

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