Japanese JV to Develop Electronic Signature Technology

US-based electronic
signature technology provider Cyber-SIGN Inc. Wednesday announced that its founding company, CADIX Inc.,
has joined with Fujitsu, Panasonic, Softbank, and
Nikko Capital to create Cyber SIGN Japan.

The new joint venture aims to develop
and market secure user authentication systems for
e-commerce and Internet security based on CADIX’s Cyber-SIGN technology, which converts handwritten signatures into electronic signatures, instantly
analyzing signature data for secure user authentication.

New JV president Toshiaki Nagai also remains as
president of CADIX Inc., which owns 55 percent of the new firm. Fujitsu, Panasonic (Matsushita Telecommunications), Softbank (through
Communication Satellite Digital Broadcasting Service, a
Softbank group), and venture capital group Nikko Capital each own over
10 percemt.

The Cyber-SIGN electronic signature technology utilizes
electronic signature data which is input with a pen
that senses timing changes in electromagnetic waves and
input force as the handwritten signature is written. The signature is inked on a commercially
available input device, allowing Netizens to
use electronic signatures to authorize electronic

The company says that the system’s four-dimensional dynamic signature verification
examines the changes in speed, style, pressure and timing
that are unique to an individual and virtually impossible to

The firm further claims that their technology
learns the natural changes of a signature over time, and accommodates
the usual slight variations in a handwritten signature.

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