Japan’s Creative Link Ties Up With China’s Xinhua

Japanese Internet firm Creative Link Corp. has teamed up with China’s official news agency Xinhua to form a joint venture in China, Xinhua Creative Link Corp. (XinhuaCLC).

The new venture will offer e-mail services, Web-page hosting, e-commerce solutions and content distribution services.

XinhuaCLC will provide the above mentioned services starting from October. The venture’s aim is to provide e-mail and Web-page hosting services to 3,000 local companies, and its partners expect to see US$250,000 of sales in its first business year.

Earlier this month, XinhuaCLC signed alliances with Chinese government owned-ISP Shanghai SHEInet Corp. and Japanese-American IT firm Itochu Technology Inc to assist in offering its services.

Xinhua is a majority shareholder in China.com Corp which launched a successful IPO on the NASDAQ last month.

In Japan, Creative Link Corp. designs and builds Internet and intranet systems and produces Japanese-language content services such as the Silicon Valley Express, the UK Hi-Tech Express, the Press Release Express and the Tokyo Restaurant Guide.

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