To Introduce Philippines Site is gearing up for its Philippines launch on July 20, bringing the online resume database to its fifth country.

“This is the first Asia recruitment site which has an existing presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Taiwan. We will also be expanding to
Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, India, and China
at the earliest,” said Raymond Catane, general manager of JobsDB Philippines Inc.
JobsDB Singapore started last May while Malaysia launched earlier this month.

“There’s no site right now in Asia that has a full
blown repository database. A lot are still the bulletin board type,” said Catane. allows site visitors to register their resume online and
have their own user-id and password. Most of the job openings posted
at the moment are information technology related and lower level positions. Philippines is currently establishing
tie-ups with headhunters, management schools and other organizations to develop the executive placement services and content of its site.

As far as pricing is concern, companies pay according to plan and

“Every time you post a job advertisement, that is 15 points.
Every time you retrieve a full resume, that is 1 point,” said Catane.
A 30 points plan is in the range of three thousand pesos (P3,000).

For job seekers, the service is free. A job seeker can also conduct a search under job openings where the full
company information can be seen, or find out if a certain post is being
handled by head hunting firm.

When asked if he agrees that most competent people don’t post
their resumes online, Catane strongly disagreed. “Professionals won’t
register themselves in [low competence] sites.”

In terms of privacy, Catane explains that the company has a privacy policy available for the visitor’s perusal.

“When a company searches in our resume database, what only comes out is a brief general profile of the person. If the
company wishes to retrieve the person’s full resume, the system will
send an e-mail to the person and informs the person that Company X is
interested to retrieve your full resume,” explained Catane. “The person can decide
whether to approve or disapprove.” accepts payment from companies and headhunters through
direct check payment but is building a facility to integrate
electronic payment.

The company expanded its operation to be able to
offer a multi-country job search service and wants to
establish full visibility in the region and is willing to collaborate with partners in each country.

“It’s not
exclusivity that will generate businesses for us. It’s the
availability and accessibility of information to everyone,” said

To ensure the success of Philippines, Catane indicated that his company would heavily advertise across several media including print, radio, and television.

“We will also do co-branding and
co-marketing by linking through their Web sites and corporate job
pages. At present, we are offering a promo prior to the July 20
launch which is a three month trial. If they register three job
postings prior to the launch, they’ll get two extra months free,”
said Catane. started in September 1998 in Hong Kong. At present, 800
companies have subscribed to its service with a daily average hit of
9000. It recently achieved its 1 millionth hit.

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