Jupiter Media Metrix Adds Three Services

Jupiter Media Metrix Thursday released Jx
Intelligence, a suite of services aimed at evluating today’s digital

Jx Intelligence features three subscription services: Market
Intelligence, Customer Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence.

The services intend to provide subscribers with analysis and insight
regarding markets, regions, industries, technologies and customer groups by
tracking activity, highlighting trends, analyzing industry segments and
evaluating the competitive landscape, according to Tod Johnson, chairman and
CEO, Jupiter Media Metrix.

“These products, which will offer a rich syntheses of extremely valuable
measurement and analysis, will prove to be truly distinctive in our industry
and will help our clients better navigate in the digital world,” he said.

According to Johnson:

  • Market Intelligence Services will provide clients with the ability to
    monitor critical market dynamics. Through a series of written reports and
    interactive data delivery, these services will highlight and provide insight
    into relevant market trends.

  • Customer Intelligence Services will provide clients with resources for
    understanding and evaluating existing and potential new customer segments.
    Through a combination of digital behavior analysis, attitudinal survey
    insights, and analyst expertise, these services will deliver vital data and
    analysis surrounding key customer segments.

  • Competitive Intelligence Services will deliver side-by-side comparisons
    of industry leaders along the key metrics for their markets, highlighting
    best practices and industry innovators. Through a series of written reports
    and interactive data delivery, these services assist clients in
    understanding their competition, identifying potential partners and making
    investment decisions.

Services will begin launching next month, with final rollout expected to
conclude in early 2001. The new services will be sold along with existing
services offered by Jupiter Research Media Metrix and AdRelevance.

This the first initiative to emerge from the union of Jupiter
Communications and Media Metrix, which was completed yesterday.

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