LambdaNet Debuts Terabit Network

LambdaNet has started
operations of the first nationwide Terabit glass fiber network in Germany.

The ring
connects 18 German cities, and two additional cities are to
follow in the spring. The route network, which is rented from the
GasLINE Telecommunications Company, runs along the lines of 15 German gas
companies and comprises of 3,500 kilometers of improved dark fiber.

For transmission, the company uses DWDM, (Dense Wavelength Division
Multiplexing), a technology created by Nortel Dasa Network
, that can dramatically increase the conduction capacity of
existing glass fiber networks by using 224 different wavelengths.

The first customers to use the high network capacity from LambdaNet include
the telephone companies Drillisch and Telia as well as several Internet


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