Latest Version Of CuteFTP Queues Uploading/Downloading

announced the launch of the latest version of CuteFTP, its highly popular
file transfer software.

CuteFTP 2.5 can now resume uploads and has facilities for queuing both uploading and downloading of files, the vendor said.

“Customers told us they want a cutting edge FTP client that includes these
powerful features,” said Sandra Poole-Christal, GlobalScape president. As a
result, we responded by launching CuteFTP version 2.5. We expect this
version to have a positive impact on future sales growth.”

CuteFTP has long had a drag-and-drop interface, bookmarks, an auto rename scheme and facilities to resume downloading. In addition, it now has queuing of uploading/downloading; an improved site manager; ability to import all previous version site entries, including WS_FTP’s; complete directory overwrite and directory delete; additional host types; better host support; better memory management and faster operation, the company stated. It also boasts a task bar icon that displays progress rate.

CuteFTP version 2.5 is available for Windows 98, 95, and NT.

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