Launch Media, BBC In Content Licensing Agreement

Launch Media Inc. and BBC Worldwide
Monday forged
an alliance in which BBC radio content will be delivered exclusively to
Launch affiliates.

Through the agreement, Launch (LAUN)
will offer daily music
and entertainment stories from the United Kingdom’s news service,
NewsBeat. The U.K. news service will be featured alongside other Launch
offerings, including
music and entertainment news and “show prep” for broadcasting.

Launch will market the service to its international affiliate roster
of the United Kingdom.
BBC Radio International, which distributes radio programs to more than 100
countries, will offer daily content featuring articles covering European
music and entertainment news.

“This alliance with BBC Worldwide is a natural extension of our
services to our affiliates,” said Dan Forth, senior vice president, content
Launch. “The European music and entertainment news component will be a
addition to our broadcast-related ‘business to business’ menu as we continue
to expand globally.”

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