Lavelle Streamlines Mobile Dispatching

Lavelle Engineering Technologies is developing On+Site Dispatch, software designed to improve the efficiency of mobile dispatching by bringing together Internet and digital cellular telephone technologies.

Aimed at dispatch-based businesses, such as delivery services, towing contractors, auto clubs, repair, and maintenance personnel, it makes all the relevant information available on a Web site.

To access the information, users can take advantage of the new Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) telephone or a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), using these systems direct from their vehicles. With CDPD, voice calls are
transmitted by traditional means while data can be displayed through a built-in Web micro-browser.

“CDPD transmission technology works on the existing national cellular network, using towers upgraded to support data transmission,” said LET’s founder and president Michael R. Lavelle. “Because data transmission pricing is based on a flat rate charge for all the data which can be transmitted, all the information required to support a dispatch or to bill the resulting service can be exchanged in real-time over the World Wide Web. The user actually gets a superior communication and business tool at a lower total cost.”

Efficiency is greatly enhanced for companies who provide a service–such as a towing contractor–that involves additional reporting and “paperwork.” In fact, On+Site Dispatch will eliminate most paper-based record-keeping by enabling drivers to upload information directly to the billing software.

Demonstrations of On+Site Dispatch’s functionality are available on the
vendor’s Web site. No shipping dates or pricing have been announced.

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