Lead Zone Site to Focus on Sales Prospects

Productive Resource Inc. in Indianapolis is rolling out a new sales and
marketing Web page, specifically designed to increase business by utilizing
shared sales leads.

The site, entitled Lead Zone, is
focused on capturing the synergy of sales people and business owners who
want to increase sales by working leads provided by Lead Zone members. Lead
Zone members also earn money by supplying leads on products and services
they do not sell.

Lead Zone members pay a monthly fee to participate in the program and are
required to pay a referral commission of 15% on the profit generated from
leads converted to sales. Ten percent of the commission is paid directly to
the member who submitted the lead.

Productive Resource President and CEO Anthony Johnson indicated, “Lead Zone
is a great way for business people to make more money by increasing sales and
earning commissions on the sales of products and services they don’t offer.
Our goal with Lead Zone is to create one powerful source for people to build
their business cost effectively.”

Productive Resource plans to also use the site as a location that features
sales and marketing hot links, as well as advertising for sales and marketing
related products and services.

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